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- Logan -

I have nothing but high praise for and Russ and his wife at R&L Barbershop. My haircuts and my shave were terrific. Russ is a master barber. His work with clippers and scissors was amazing. The shop is spotless. The owners are professionals, extremely nice and provide great service. I am delighted to have found this barbershop and will continue to go to R&L. Keep up the good work. Much success to R&L !

– Crystal W –

Excellent job! Took two of my boys for haircuts today, one being a first haircut for a 2 year old. They both enjoy their new cuts.

– Sheri W –

Great haircut for my son - impressed with the attention to detail and welcoming atmosphere.

– Patrick –

Honestly great place to get a hair cut. Amazing service, the minute you walk in you can just feel the energy and how kind the owners are. I was in search for a good barber shop for a while and honestly Im super picky but I found my match and if you live

– Anthony –

Just finished my second visit to R&l barber shop. I now ask for Paul by name... A young man with a sense of European Barber history. Do yourself a favor get the full treatment. The hot towel after a shave around the face and neck is an exercise in relaxat


man getting haircut man getting shaved man getting haircut man getting shaved man getting haircut kid in barbers chair shaving and hair products barbershop interior

Tips for a healthy head of hair.

A healthy scalp is vital to maintaining a lustrous head of hair. The key to a healthy scalp starts with knowing your scalp type. There are three basic scalp types, oily, dry and normal.

A scalp that produces to much sebum results in oil build up, creating a greasy look. Overwashing, reactions to haircare products along with hair type can contribute to an oily scalp. To eliviate oily scalp use products specifically formulated for oily scalp and avoid overwashing.

Flaky hair along with an itchy head are indicators of a dry scalp. Weather, haircare products and stress can be causes of dry scalp.

To reduce dry scalp conditions try using medicated shampoos or an all natural moisturizing shampoo, washing hair less frequently, drinking more water, and managing stress levels.

If your hair is shiny with no split ends you have a normal scalp. A scalp that is free of flakes, redness, and irritation. The scalp is smooth and clean between hair follicles with no dryness, sunburn, or irritation.

To keep your scalp normal use all natural hair care products, as needed depending on your hair type. Avoid overwashing your hair which could lead to a dry or oily scalp.

For more tips on how to maintain a healthy scalp and head of hair, check out healthline.com

Our Services

*Every service finished with hot/cold towel and massage. At R&L Barbershop in Charlotte, NC, we offer products and services for all ages, ethnicities, and hair textures.

Fade, Skin Fade, Kids Haircut

(includes trimming lining razor Finish)

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Beard Trim & Shave

(Trimming & Lining Finished a hot towel)

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Flat Top Head Shave & Face Shave

(includes hot towel cold towel massage)

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Head Shave Hot Towel Face Shave

(includes hot/cold towel massage & shave)

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Lining up & Edge Up, Mohawk

(with straight razor)

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R&L V.I.P. package

(includes haircut beard trim or hot towel shave, face massage, shampoo)

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Moustache and Goatee

(includes trimming lining razor Finish)

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Razor Fade

(low fade, medium fade, high fade)

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Shampoo Military Cut

(includes trimming lining razor Finish)

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